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Driving licence: The hirer and any additional driver must be in possession of a valid driving licence with at least 2 years experience and must be over 21 years old.

Fines. All fines must be paid by customer. FUEL is not included in the prices.

Insurance: Prices include compulsory unlimited civil liability, bill and legal defence in Spain as well as insurance covering theft and fire. In the event of the renter being responsible, the amount of damages caused to the rented vehicle will be limited to the maximum exemption amount established for each vehicle, excluding from the insurance the theft of the radio, as well as any other damages not caused by traffic, such as damage caused by stationery objects and damage caused to tyres, wheels or upholstery which will all be charged to the renter.

Taxes: 21% VAT included.

Extra Charges: Delivery and pickup in airports of Barcelona and Girona, if the client is driving out of Catalonia or additional driver.
These prices include the rent of the vehicle, Insurance with total cover, and assistance all over Europe. 21% VAT also included.

Deposit: Deposit it’s a warranty that used in case of:

  • Lost keys.
  • Mistake in the fuel.
  • Case of violations such as fines or car cranes.
  • Broken wheels and windows (not covered by any insurance).